Gavin McGavin - Explosive Pro Wrestling
"The Real Wrestler"

Gavin McGavin

Height: 175cms
Weight: 70kgs
From: Perth
Finishing moves: The History Maker (Reverse DDT)
Signature moves: McGavin-Plex (Kip in German Suplex), OMGMG (Chaos Theory), Texas Cloverleaf, Back Superplex, Rope Hung DDT, Crossface

Love him or hate him, Gavin McGavin has become one of the most successful competitors in EPW. The self-proclaimed ‘History Maker’ is the only wrestler to win every available championship in the company, and will happily tell you all about it.


Not only one of the best technical wrestlers to come out of the EPW School of Pro Wrestling, he has also shown that, when necessary, he can fly in and out of the ring, and get extreme, having wrestled classic hardcore, ladder, last man standing and even steel cage matches. The Real Wrestlers versatility has been proven over the years having featured in some of the finest matches EPW has ever seen against a wide range of opponents including Scotty Ryan, Julian Ward, Bobby Marshall and Damian Slater just to name a few.


Having traveled all over Australia in recent years, McGavin’s sole focus seems to be breaking as many records and creating as much history as possible, and he doesn’t care what depths he has to sink to to achieve it. This mix of ruthless determination and 10 years of honed in ring skills make him a dangerous proposition for any opponent.  He knows how good he is, he knows how much you hate him, and he takes great pride in both.



EPW Champion x 1
EPW Coastal Champion (Inaugural)
EPW Tag Team Champion x 2
EPW Hardcore Champion (Inaugural)
Hunter Valley Wrestling Champion
First ever EPW Grand Slam Champion (winner of all 4 major titles)