Damian Slater – Explosive Pro Wrestling
"The World Beater"

Damian Slater

Height: 181cms
Weight: 90kgs
From: Adelaide, South Australia
Finishing moves: Slatality (Inverted Facelock to Michinoku Driver)
Signature moves: STF, Air Raid Crash

Damian Slater is one of the finest professional wrestlers Australia has ever produced. Originally from Adelaide he was trained by the legendary Col Devany and current WWE Performance Center coach, “Jag” Hartley Jackson at the highly respected Wrestle Rampage Dojo.

Slater has traveled all over the world to ply his craft and was featured in the WWE Cruiser Weight Classic tournament in 2016 going head to head with the legendary Tajiri. He trained extensively with eventual winner TJ Perkins during a long stint in Los Angeles which lead to this post on Perkins social media account: “He is a technician just like me and every bit as good on the mat. He should’ve been part of the 205 Live foundation after CWC as he would’ve been one of the best technicians in the company (WWE).”

While The World Beater’s temper and ego can occasionally get the better of him, Slater has very few weaknesses and is never far from championship gold. Currently a member of “The Untouchables alongside Marcius pitt, Julian Ward and Amber it shouldn’t be too long before he adds to his already glittering resume.


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