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ReAwakening 14

18+ only (ID required)

For the past 14 years ReAwakening has been the biggest wrestling show not only on the EPW calendar but in Australia. Past years have seen titles defended, change hands and career defining moments cemented into EPW history, 2015 has had its highs and lows for many in the locker room the stage has been set for it all to culminate at ReAwakening 14.

The EPW Tag Team champions Cowboys & Indians have retained their belts by pure luck and circumstance since winning them off McMassive earlier in the year thanks to interference by Generation Zero. At ReAwakening 14 they will defend the titles in a tag team gauntlet where the team holding the belts at the end will be the champions. Can the luck of ‘The Outlaw’ Billy Willaims and Eddie Bombay hold against a hungry tag division?

Since the faction’s creation in 2014 The Solution have been militant in their efforts of thwarting the aspirations of the EPW locker room and 2015 has seen the following grow with the addition of Amity Row and the returning AZ Vegara. After the attempted assault of rookie Liam Mendel, ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice and Alex ‘AK47’ Kingston threw down the challenge to the Solution to take them on in a No Disqualification match. While Mendel, Kingston and Vice are ready to make a stand against ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm and his cohorts, Storm has never entered a match where the deck was not stacked in his favor.

“The Golden Boy” Damian Slater has held the EPW Championship since winning it at Evolution and while he has etched a name for himself as the best in Australia his defense of the title has been dubious. At Road to Glory he attempted to manipulate the result of the number one contender rumble, unfortunately his ploy backfired and he will now defend against two opponents, TMDK members Marcius Pitt and Mikey Nichols.

Regardless of their association both Nichols and Pitt both want the EPW gold and are not afraid to go through the other to get it. Will this adversity be the key to victory for Slater to retain his title?

Tag Team Title Gauntlet Match

Brother vs Brother
Bhodi McKenzie vs Byron McKenzie

‘Last Chance’ Invitational Tournament Rumble
The winner would be the last competitor in the Invitational Tournament final

Monster Open Challenge
‘The Samoan Savage’ Jonah Rock v ????

Invitational Tournament Final
Tyler Jacobs v Logan Grey v Dan Steel v ????

No Disqualification Tag Team Match
The Solution v Liam Mendel, Alex ‘AK47’ Kingston, ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice

Blair Brady v Michelle K. Hasluck

EPW Championship Match
‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater (c) v Marcius Pitt v Mikey Nichols

Bodyslam Central

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