Zenith vs JT


The final match announced for Hot Summer’s night on January 23rd will see Hayden Zenith go head-to-head with the Prince of Perth.

Zenith pulled off a shock win over Jay Taylor at August’s State of Origin to advance to the Semi Finals of the Invitational Tournament after JT’s cockiness cost him the bout. Prior to the Tournament, Zenith was attacked by Sander and went in to contest on crutches and with one good leg.

The Rising Star would go on to the match of his career against Damian Slater in the Final of the tournament. The self proclaimed ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ would be left fuming at the success of Zenith.

Since the split of the Entourage in late 2013, JT has not been able to reach the heights he once had competing in main events and being one half of the Tag Team Champions. Will the new year bring about a new direction and focus in Taylor’s career.

Will Zenith be able to claim victory once more or will JT come out with a new sense of purpose? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Hot Summers Night tomorrow night at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.


Slate vs Bishop


The Legion of One is set to take on the Rising Star of Bethlehem in singles action at Hot Summer’s Night on January 23rd.

Jarrad Slate has always been a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. His unpredictability and brawling style leaves foes laying in his wake.

The Legion of One was unlucky not to have walked away from ReAwakening XIII with his first taste of EPW gold in the Hardcore Title bout. It would be a superkick from Slate which lead to Lukey Bolland falling on top of ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone for the win. A frustrated Slate will be bad news for his opponent.

2014 saw an influx of new talent make their way into the ranks of EPW. Leading the way in the name of the lord is Jordan Bishop.

After defeating Liam Mendel in the final of the Rising Star Cup at Road to Glory, Bishop began his crusade.

Will EPW’s latest star continue to rise or will his journey be brought to an abrupt halt at the Das Boot of Slate? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Hot Summers Night tomorrow night at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.


Pitt vs Don vs Hughesy vs A new Debut!


Four Way action is set to take place at Hot Summer’s Night on January 23rd!

Former 4 time EPW Champion and 2 time Tag Team Champion, Marcius Pitt, the longest reigning champion in EPW history, ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone, ‘The man from the local’ Hughesy and newcomer Taylor King will all be looking to kick off 2015 with a victory at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.

With TMDK Tag team partner Jonah Rock currently in Japan, Pitt will be striving to work his way back up the rankings of singles competition after spending the majority of 2014 as one half of the Tag Team Champions. Look for Pitt to quickly make his way up the rankings.

With the shock of his former manager ‘The Mind’ Lukey Bolland ending his record smashing reign as EPW Hardcore Champion, The Don’s easy ride is over. Now there will be no more fan challenges, and cheap victories, will we see the Don of old return to EPW?

Always the underdog, but the favourite son of the drinking section Hughesy reached the Semi Final stage of the 2014 Invitational Tournament only to be eliminated by the eventual winner Damian Slater. Hughesy seems to be growing in confidence each time he steps into the ring, and is a competitor you can never completely count out of of any contest.

The final entrant is the debuting Taylor King. Usually seen at Summer Music Festivals, this newcomer may wish there was one taking place this weekend after this contest!

Which one of these four men will emerge victorious? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Hot Summers Night on January 23 rd at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.


The Dropkicks vs Cowboys and Indians


Tag Team action set for Hot Summer’s Night at the Game Sports Bar on January 23rd!

The Dropkicks spent the better half of 2014 trying to prove that they belonged in the upper echelons of the team division. Setting there sights on TMDK’s Marcius Pitt and Jonah Rock, the duo were determined to show what they were capable of.

Although ‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt and ‘The Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan would go on to be unsuccessful in the Tables Match at ReAwakening XIII, they proved they could hang with the best that EPW has to offer. Coming off the match of their careers, the Dropkicks are set to kick off the new year against a debuting team at Hot Summer’s Night.

After having a rather unsuccessful career in single action so far, Eddy Bombay has formed a partnership with newcomer ‘Outlaw’ Billy Williams. The duo will be teaming up under the moniker of Cowboys and Indians. Williams although making his main show debut, is no stranger to the EPW faithful competing in last year’s Rising Star Cup Tournament.

Will the Dropkicks kick off 2015 with a victory or can the newly formed Cowboys and Indians pull off the upset in their debut? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Hot Summers Night on January 23 rd at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.


Mendel vs. Fantastic vs. Forbes


Three of Explosive Pro Wrestling’s up and comers are set to compete in Triple Threat action at Hot Summer’s Night on January 23rd.

Liam Mendel has been a fan favourite since making his debut in 2014, taking out the Rookie of the Year award. Mendel also reached the final of the Rising Star at Road to Glory, only to fall at the final hurdle to Jordan Bishop.

‘The Plus Size Party Animal’ Sam Fantastic will be ready to light up the Game Sports Bar with colour and energy. The athletic big man has quickly gained a following with the EPW faithful with his upbeat personality and ability to pull off moves that you wouldn’t expect to see from a man of his size.

The third and final competitor Elliot Forbes has competed in EPW for a few years now and has yet to quite find his way into a regular spot on the card. Hailing from an undisclosed island for taxation purposes, the wealthy Forbes finds himself with a perfect opportunity to start making some inroads with a victory at the first event of 2015.

Which of these three men will be victorious in what is sure to be a fast paced, action packed contest? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Hot Summers Night on January 23 rd at the Game Sports Bar in Northbridge.


VENUE CHANGE – Hot Summer’s Night

Venue Change


IMPORTANT Announcement!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to change the venue for our upcoming show Hot Summer’s Night on Jan 23rd.

The show will no longer be held at Rigby’s in the Forrest Centre on St Georges Terrace.

The show will now be at THE GAME Sports Bar – 90 Aberdeen Street in Northbridge. Doors will still open at 7.30pm and the action start at 8pm. This is a licensed venue, but children under 18 can still attend provided they are accompanied by an adult.

There will be some seating available and also standing room. We may reach capacity quickly, so be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

If you know of anyone who has already got tickets for this show and they do not frequent the internet, please let them know. We apologise for this change and any inconvenience it may cause. We look forward to seeing you all at the show in this great new venue when Explosive Pro Wrestling explodes into 2015 on January 23rd with Hot Summers Night!

EPW Championship Match: Kingston vs Slater


The heat gets turned up a notch for Hot Summer’s Night on January 23rd with the announcement of Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston’s first EPW Championship defence.

Kingston capped off an amazing 2014 by winning the EPW Championship in a Steel Cage Match at ReAwakening XIII after surviving the grueling ‘Gauntlet to Greatness’ challenge. After a loss against then champion ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice at last January’s Great Aussie Bash, AK-47 would go on to have the biggest year of his career.

Consistently having standout matches against some of the biggest names in EPW and all of them former champions, Kingston finally did it!

Now he has reached the top of the mountain and proved that he belongs in the upper echelon of EPW, there is no time for Kingston to soak it in and rest on his laurels as he now has a huge target around his waist.

Wrestlers from all around the country will be gunning for what he now holds, the major prize in EPW and the most respected title in all of Australian wrestling, the EPW Championship.

The first man to challenge the new champion is no stranger to success. Known as the Golden Boy of Australian Wrestling, Damian Slater has held titles and headlined shows all around the country.

Returning to EPW in 2014 after an absence of several years, Slater had one goal in mind. That goal was to become the EPW Champion.

Although coming up short in his challenge to then champion Chris Vice earlier in the year, Slater would go on to win the longest running tournament in Australian wrestling today, the Invitational Tournament, becoming only the second Interstate competitor and in fact second South Australian to win the prestigious trophy.

By defeating Hayden Zenith in the final, Slater also immediately became the #1 contender for the EPW Championship. The Golden Boy returns to Perth once more hoping to take the gold back to Adelaide.

Will Kingston’s amazing run of success continue or will the South Australian ensure he will be suffering a Blue Monday. Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling explodes into 2015 on January 23rd with Hot Summers Night at the Forrest Centre in the Perth CBD.


First Time Ever: The Messiah vs The Smashing Machine


A new year … A new venue … and Explosive Pro Wrestling is set to turn up the heat on an already scorching Perth summer with the first match announcement for Hot Summer’s Night.

A first time ever match between two of EPW’s best … A proverbial dream match.

The Solution’s ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm goes head-to-head with ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice. Both men have been to the top of EPW and with both men coming off losses at the biggest show of 2014, ReAwakening XIII, they will be determined to kick off 2015 with a victory in the Perth CBD.

One of the most despised competitors in EPW, The former 4 time EPW Champion seemingly believes that he does not have the respect he desires in Australian wrestling and that chip on his shoulder makes the 13 year veteran a very dangerous man. With The Solution at his side, he becomes an even greater threat.

2014 would be a year of extremes for the Smashing Machine. Dominating the first half, only to suffer a serious head injury at the hands of ‘The Behemoth’ Sebastian Sander, putting him out of commission for several months. Vice would return triumphant at Road to Glory winning a Rumble to earn a shot at the EPW Championship at ReAwakening XIII. Vice would be unlucky in the Steel Cage Match, coming so close to regaining the championship only to see Alex Kingston gain the pinfall over Sebastian Sander as he descended the cage to the floor.

Will the Messiah’s cunning ways lead him to victory or will the Smashing Machine’s power be too much for the veteran? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling explodes into 2015 on January 23rd with Hot Summers Night!

ReAwakening XIII Quick Results


Last night in front of a sold out crowd at Bodyslam Central, Explosive Pro Wrestling presented ReAwakening XIII.

Damian Slater defeated Hughesy via submission in a Invitational Tournament Semi Final

Mr. Juicy defeated Gorgeous Garry, Jay Taylor and Sam Fantastic in a Four Corners of Comedy match. Gorgeous was set to be waxed but managed to escape before it could happen.

The Headhunters (Devlin Reeves & Tyler Jacobs) defeated McMassive (Gavin McGavin & ‘Mad’ Mike Massive) to win the vacant EPW Tag Team Titles. Massive would be handcuffed to the ring allowing Reeves & Jacobs to have a 2 on 1 advantage on McGavin. Jacobs is now a record equalling 4 time Tag Team Champion.

Hayden Zenith defeated ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm. Following the bout The Solution would beat down the Rising Star until a surprise appearance from Sydney’s Robbie Eagles leading to a challenge.

Robbie Eagles defeated ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm

TMDK (Jonah Rock & Marcius Pitt) defeated The Dropkicks (Leo Pratt & Scotty Ryan) in a Tables Match after Ryan went through the announcer’s table

‘The Mind’ Lukey Bolland won the Hardcore Scramble match to become the new EPW Hardcore Champion ending ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone’s record breaking reign after falling on top of the Don in the dying seconds of the contest.

Damian Slater defeated Hayden Zenith to become the 2014 Invitational Tournament winner. Slater is only the second Interstate based wrestler to win the prestigious trophy.

Gorgeous Garry was finally apprehended by Juicy and Fantastic, the pair waxing the Gorgeous one’s chest. Garry would proclaim he hates wrestling before exiting Bodyslam Central.

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston defeated ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice and ‘The Behemoth’ Sebastian Sander (c) in a Steel Cage match to become the new EPW Champion. Kingston scored the pinfall on Sander as Vice was exiting the cage.

End of Year Award winners

Most Improved: Hughesy

Memorable Moment of the Year: Amber

Event of the Year: Evolution

Match of the Year: Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston vs ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice at Great Aussie Bash

Wrestler of the Year: Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston

Explosive Pro Wrestling has 1 event left for 2014. Come along to the Malaga Markets on December 13th for some free pro wrestling action! Keep an eye on the EPW Facebook page for more details.

Tables Match: TMDK vs The Dropkicks


During 2014, the Dropkicks have proven to be a thorn in the side of TMDK. Leo Pratt and Scotty Ryan will have to face the consequences of their actions in a Tables Match at ReAwakening XIII on November 29th.

TMDK are one of the most successful factions in Australian Wrestling. While team leaders Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste flying the flag in Japan, ‘The People’s Hero’ Marcius Pitt has lead the group to success locally. Forming a formidable partnership with ‘The Samoan Savage’ Jonah Rock, the pair quickly became EPW Tag Team Champions.

Being at the top brings about competition and there is always someone looking to reach the top and make a name for themselves. After suffering an embarrassing loss to Pitt and Rock at Evolution, Pratt and Ryan would fire their first shot during the Tag Team Eliminator match costing TMDK the titles at Hell or Highwater. At Road To Glory the duo would interfere in the #1 contender’s rumble, costing the Samoan Savage a shot at the EPW Championship.

The Dropkicks have been wanting to be seen as serious competitors in Explosive Pro Wrestling’s Tag Team Division. They now have the ultimate opportunity to do so, but have the pair bitten off more they can chew. It is a huge game of risk or reward Pratt and Ryan have decided to take. The gamble will either leave them broken and battered or rewarded with their biggest win.

Will TMDK gain some payback over the young upstarts or will The Dropkicks be able to pull off the biggest victory of their career? Find out on November 29th when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents the biggest show of the year, ReAwakening XIII at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean. Tickets are available NOW!