Collision Course 4 Way Dance


Explosive Pro Wrestling’s Collision Course, happening the 26th of April at Bodyslam Central, will be hosting a 4 Way Dance. The participants have been announced as Gorgeous Garry, Jamie Jurah, Jarrad Slate and Marcius Pitt!

Gorgeous Garry has been on a roll as of late. After ditching the “good guy” attitude and going towards a more pompous manner, he has been able to rack up a win against former ally Hayden Zenith. With this change in attitude has come a female referred to as only his “Image Consultant” at this time. It’s no doubt that this former EPW Tag Team Champion will be looking to “Stop Traffic” and continue his streak of winning, and show he is a contender in EPW.

“The Voice or Our Generation” Jamie Jurah has shown he is a man of many skills: manager, mentor, commentator. He is also a former EPW Champion and former EPW Tag Team Champion. One thing that has been consistent during all this is his ability to get under EVERYONE’S skin. Jurah can dominate his opponents physically with his vast array of strikes, and mentally with his many years experience. With “The Master of The Jurahverse” in this match, we can expect him to use his  knowledge and intellect to gain the upper hand and get under his opponents, and the audiences, skin.

Jarrad Slate has always been an interesting character in his time in EPW. With offence that can only be described as different, Slate can be a very hard wrestler to read because of his uniqueness. With moves like Das Boot! that can come out of nowhere, Slate is a very dangerous competitor. Quick, strong and unpredictable, “The Legion of One” will be looking to get the win in this match over some of EPW’s best, including one half of the EPW Tag Team Champions.

One half of the current EPW Tag Team Champions, former EPW Champion and TMDK member Marcius Pitt is the final wrestler entered into this 4 Way Dance. Not only was Pitt beaten by Alex Kingston in the first match of Kingstons’ “Gauntlet to Greatness”, but he also suffered a post match attack at the hands of The Solution at Goldrush. Pitt’s physical condition is still not known, but he insisted on being in this match. He will still have a point to prove, but with his health being in question, no one is sure how Pitt will be to perform in this match. But Pitt is a strong competitor, and will give 100% of himself in this match and to the EPW faithful.

This match, with these 4 EXPLOSIVE wrestlers, will only be taking place at Collision Course. Collision course will happen April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre) in Bassendean. Tickets available now!

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McMassive vs Fantastic/Forbes


One of the most popular tag teams in Explosive Pro Wrestling today, McMassive, will take on the debuting combination of ‘The Neon Zebra’ Sam Fantastic and Elliot Forbes at Collision Course on April 26th.

After feuding with The Dropkicks over the past year, Gavin ‘Shootfighter’ McGavin and Moving Man Mountain ‘Mad’ Mike Massive took the last match over ‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt and ‘The Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan at Goldrush. McMassive are still striving to reach their goal of becoming EPW Tag Team Champions and another win will see the duo with three straight victories to start 2014.

Elliot Forbes has been on the fringes of EPW over the past 18 months, competing on many Members Only House Show events and taking part in the odd Battle Royal, while Sam Fantastic made his EPW debut at Goldrush as part of the Hardcore Championship Match. Both men will looking at this match as the opportunity to impress EPW management and fans, as well as trying to cement themselves a spot on the roster.

Will the new kids on the block walk away with a debut victory or will it be a McMassacre? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean.


Kingston faces Richter in the Gauntlet to Greatness


Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston‘s next challenge in the Gauntlet to Greatness will take place at Collision Course on April 26th. The roadblock on the path he will have to attempt to go through this time is The Solution’s big man, and former EPW Champion, Richter

After a hard fought battle at Goldrush, Kingston was successful in the first of Tyler Jacobs’ challenges over former 4 time EPW Champion and one half of the current Tag Team Champions, Marcius Pitt. Defeating such a talent such as Pitt, AK-47′s self belief and confidence will be growing, but the path to the gold does not get any easier. All through out 2014 Kingston will face former EPW champions to prove his worth. If he succeeds, he WILL get another EPW Championship shot at the end of the year.

Since joining up with The Solution in 2013, the former 2 time EPW Champion and EPW original, Richter has returned to the destructive force he had not been since the Blackest Hour parted ways. After slowly dissecting the New Gen of EPW, Richter and Warship set their eyes on Pitt after his loss to Kingston, attempting to put him out of action.

With Pitt sure to be looking for revenge on The Solution, it could make this battle all the more even with the returning ‘Messiah’ Davis Storm and Warship sure to make their presence known at ringside during the contest.

Will Kingston successfully continue on his journey to the biggest prize in EPW or will he be choke slammed through the cracks that Richter leaves in his wake? Find out when Kingston faces Richter at Explosive Pro Wrestling’s Collision Course on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean.

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EPW Championship Match: Chris Vice (C) vs Robbie Eagles (NSW)


At Explosive Pro Wrestling’s Collision Course on April 26th, EPW Champion ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice’s request for tough competition will be answered by the best high-flyer in Australia today, the current PWA Champion, Robbie Eagles!

At January’s Great Aussie Bash, ‘The Smashing Machine’ proclaimed he wanted to be fighting champion and wanted competition. The champion’s first two matches on that night lasted less than 2 minutes total, but his request would be met later that night against a valiant Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston.

Vice’s next challenger at Goldrush was set to be ‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore, who would be taken out of action by Wrestle Rampage’s National Australian Champion ‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater. Slater would push ‘The Smashing Machine’ to his absolute limit before the champion would be able to roll the South Australian up for the three count after slipping out of an attempted Slatality.

For the second event in a row, Vice will face another Australian champion. Hailing from Sydney, Robbie Eagles is widely regarded throughout Australian wrestling as one of the best our country has to offer and has toured the United States and Japan. The brother of Ryan, who competed in the Riot Den Match at Road to Glory, Robbie makes his long-awaited EPW debut at Collision Course and it will be an EPW Championship match.

With his eye on the major prize in EPW, Robbie had the following to say when asked what should EPW fans who have never seen him in action before expect to see. “High energy, and hard strikes. I like to combine lots of techniques from different backgrounds to form a unique in-ring style. You’ll see aerial strikes that no one else can do in this county, and I always find a way of knocking my opponent down. Be sure to listen out for the thuds of impact, whether it’s from something off the top rope, or one of my kicks.”

Will Vice’s thirst for competition and domination of the EPW Championship continue or will Robbie Eagles head back to Sydney with the EPW title around his waist? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean.


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Interview with Robbie Eagles


Robbie Eagles is the current PWA Champion and is the best high flyer in Australian wrestling today. The brother of Ryan , who competed in the Riot Den Match at last year’s Road to Glory, Eagles has wrestled throughout Japan, the United States and Australia since making his debut in March 2008. EPW caught up with Robbie in the lead up to his Explosive Pro Wrestling debut on April 26th at Collision Course.

EPW: You were set to make your Explosive Pro Wrestling debut in 2013 but suffered an injury which kept you out of action for several months. Can you tell us how the injury came about?

ROBBIE: The injury kept me out of action for over a month, which is way too long. It was one of those freak accidents that occurred during my agility training where I at first to thought it was a rolled ankle, only for it to be assessed as much worse. Torn ligaments is not something I wish upon anyone.

EPW: Can you tell us a bit about your experiences overseas and how have they helped shape you as a wrestler?

ROBBIE: I was fortunate enough to travel to the USA for a short trip in 2011, where I trained under the likes of Mike Quackenbush, Amazing Red, Brian XL, Antonio Cesaro (then Claudia Castagnoli) and Sara Del Ray (now WWE Trainer). Learning from all of these great wrestlers was fantastic to me, because they all knew something different and taught me things I didn’t know prior. Tricks of the trade, and it is techniques I apply to this day to set me apart.

Venturing to Japan for a 3 month stay in 2012 was definitely something that shaped me as to the wrestler I am today. Training so vigorously the entire time, always wanting to get better is what pushed me. I competed against the best, and trained under an idol in Ikuto Hidaka. Also touring the country as Hidaka’s tag team partner for my tour with ZERO1 made me re-think tag team wrestling and helped me add a much needed element. My experiences overseas not only helped me as a singles wrestler, but in a team also. I would like to say I’m quite versatile.

EPW: Your opponent for Collision Course is yet to be named, but can you tell us is there anyone in particular on the Explosive Pro Wrestling roster that you would like to compete against?

ROBBIE: I have been following EPW since before my actual beginning in wrestling, so I’d like to say there are lots of people I would want to compete against. I was slated to go up against Sebastian Sander in August last year, so I still want that match to happen. Just to prove I can take it to the big man of EPW. Hayden Zenith is a newer guy who has caught me eye and I think he and I would have a fantastic match. I’ve wrestled current EPW Champion Chris Vice before and I believe we had a great contest in South Australia. Would love to do it again. Davis Storm is probably one of the guys I saw early on and was always inspired by. Maybe not his actions as of current, but that’d be a true test. Getting in the ring with one of the original founding members of EPW.

EPW: What do you hope to achieve in Explosive Pro Wrestling?

ROBBIE: Within EPW, I’d like to achieve as much as possible. I thrive on being a wrestler due to the competitive nature, and what’s competition worth if there isn’t an end goal to reach? The EPW Championship would be nice to add to the mantel piece and also boost the resume, but more so to prove I consider myself among the best.

EPW: What can the fans of Explosive Pro Wrestling who haven’t seen you in action before expect?

ROBBIE: High energy, and hard strikes. I like to combine lots of techniques from different backgrounds to form a unique in-ring style. You’ll see aerial strikes that no one else can do in this county, and I always find a way of knocking my opponent down. Be sure to listen out for the thuds of impact, whether it’s from something off the top rope, or one of my kicks.

Whenever I throw a strike, I’m thinking of a wall and knocking it down. That’s how hard I plan to hit whomever is in the ring with me. And it’s nothing personal, it’s competition. I’m trying to win, as I know is the other guy. I only expect my opponent to hit me with just as much strength and force, if not more.

Don’t miss Robbie Eagles in action when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean.


Malaga Markets Results


On the road to Collision Course, Explosive Pro Wrestling put on three sessions of wrestling action at the Malaga Markets.


11:30 Session

Jarrad Slate defeated ‘The Bolly Boy’ Eddy Bombay with the Das Boot!

‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm & ‘The Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor defeated Bodhi McKenzie & Gavin McGavin after JT hit a huge cutter on McGavin for the pinfall

Gorgeous Garry defeated Busker Douglas with the Drop Dead Gorgeous

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston, ‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore & Koala Mask defeated Jordan Bishop, ‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt & ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone after Kingston hit a top rope elbow on the Don for the pinfall


1pm Session

Jarrad Slate defeated ‘The Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor with the Das Boot!

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston & Bodhi McKenzie defeated ‘The Bolly Boy’ Eddy Bombay & ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone after Kingston hit a top rope elbow on Bombay for the pinfall

‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt & The Solution (‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm & Richter) defeated Busker Douglas, Gavin McGavin & Koala Mask after Pratt pinned Koala following a chokeslam by Richter

‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore defeated Gorgeous Garry


2:30 Session

Busker Douglas defeated Jordan Bishop with a Rock Bottom

‘The Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor & ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone defeated Jarrad Slate & Koala Mask following a double team cutter on Slate

Gorgeous Garry defeated Gavin McGavin with the Drop Dead Gorgeous

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston, Bodhi McKenzie & ‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore defeated ‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt & The Solution (‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm & Richter) after all three men piled on top of Pratt following a top rope elbow from Kingston.



We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the action presented FOR FREE on behalf of Explosive Pro Wrestling at the Malaga Markets, and thank you to Malaga Markets for having us! Our next big show is Collision Course, happening April 26th at Bodyslam Central!


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Birthday Party Package:

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birthday party

We can cater to many group sizes and interests, just contact us to find out more. All events are held at the location of Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre in Bassendean. To enquire email or ring 0409373937.


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Davis Storm vs Hughesy




The leader of The Solution, ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm returns to action at Collision Course on April 26th to take on Team Red Can’s larrikan, Hughesy.

Refusing to compete at Goldrush due to “the response I got from the EPW members” at the previous week’s House Show, Storm would go on to tell the EPW fans “Mind your manners and learn some respect.” Even without their leader, Richter and The Warship would go on to easily defeat Team Red Can in a glorified handicap match with Coach Banks still injured and not having received a clearance from his doctors.

There’s a saying that goes “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”, and the man from the local has plenty of fight. Throughout the battles with The Solution as part of The New Gen, Hughesy has shown tremendous courage in the face of adversity and a fighting spirit that is not easily extinguished.

Will the drinking section favourite be able to pull out the biggest win of his career or will ‘The Messiah’ leave the man from the local laid out in the wake of the Eye of the Storm? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean.


Collision Course Poster Released



Collision Course is happening on April 26th at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre, Bassendean) this year! Our poster features:

- Explosive Pro Wrestling Champion, “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice,

- The Solution, consisting of Davis Storm, Richter and Warship and

- From Sydney, New South Wales, the BEST high-flyer in Australia, ROBBIE EAGLES!

Eagles was meant to make his debut in EPW, but due to a freak accident, was unable to make the trip over or wrestle for quite some time. We at excited to have him back here at Explosive Pro Wrestling and can’t wait for April 26th. Stay tuned to for an exclusive interview with Robbie Eagles before his EPW debut to find out more about him.

Stay tuned to to find out more about Collision Course.

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Goldrush Review and Results


It’s human nature to strive to be the best, to succeed in your chosen field. In professional wrestling, it is to be a champion. Men will sink to low depths, commit despicable acts and do anything it takes to achieve this goal. It’s all about the gold and in front of 300+ fans at Bodyslam Central, Explosive Pro Wrestling presented the seventh annual Goldrush.

Goldrush would begin with two teams that are no strangers to each other, looking to break the deadlock in their series of matches.  McMassive faced The Dropkicks throughout 2013 in several types of matches, but in 2 on 2 competition they were tied at 1 win a piece.

The deadlock between the teams would be broken following a Massive Slam on ‘The Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan. Then Gavin McGavin & ‘Mad’ Mike Massive would hit the McMassacre on ‘The Big Rig’ and, with Leo Pratt trying to assist his partner, Massive would sit on top of both of them for the pinfall. McMassive 2, The Dropkicks 1.

Next up, the cocky self proclaimed ‘Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor would face ‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater. The well travelled Slater was pumped for his EPW return after a 2 and a half year absence, and was looking to make it a victorious one.

Following a back and forth contest, the South Australian would work his way out of an attempted cutter by JT. Following two superkicks to the cocky Taylor, he would hit the Slatality for the win. Following the bout, the victorious South Australian would grab the microphone and would go on to say that “He made this place”.

Slater would continue, “I am the BEST in Australia and have scratched and clawed to get the top and yet would not get bookings from EPW”. Even with the disdain he has for EPW and Perth in general, ‘The Golden Boy’ has the EPW Championship in his sights. Something he would put into action later in the night.

After dominating the New Gen over the past few months, leading to cracks showing in their solidarity, The Solution came into Goldrush full of confidence against Team Red Can. With Coach Banks yet to be cleared by his doctors to compete, the bout would essentially be a 2 on 1 Handicap Match.

Hughesy would come out with his usual fire and fight to start the match gaining the advantage on Warship… until Banks would make the huge mistake of tagging himself into the contest. Richter and Warship would take full advantage of this error of judgement, working on the Coach’s injured knee until Warship would put away Banks with a huge gore for the victory.

Is this the end of the New Gen’s stand in face of the Solution’s growing power?

‘The Behemoth’ Sebastian Sander would make quick work of ‘The Bolly Boy’ Eddy Bombay and even though Sander made claims at the Great Aussie Bash that he would no longer be distracted, that didn’t seem to be the case.

With his valet Amber at ringside in a sack, Sander could have had the match over quicker than he did, but even whilst wearing a sack, Amber would take the former champion’s mind away from the match. Even so, Bombay provided little resistance to ‘The Behemoth’ and he would eventually fall to a Jackhammer.

It was now time for two former New Gen teammates to clash as ‘The Rising Star’ Hayden Zenith would take on ‘Gorgeous’ Garry Schimdt. ‘The Gorgeous One’ would be accompanied ringside by his un-named Image Consultant.

Schmidt’s new image consultant would provide a major distraction throughout the contest. She would assist Schmidt to victory after distracting both the referee and Zenith, allowing ‘The Gorgeous One’ to roll-up ‘The Rising Star’ for the three count.

Dan Moore would be introduced to the ring by ‘Mean’ Dean Olsen and would hand over his Invitational Trophy to EPW Board of Directors head Tyler Jacobs to officially gain his shot at EPW Champion ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice. The champion would join Moore in the ring to shake his hand ahead of their upcoming match.

Damian Slater would make his presence felt as Moore was about to leave the ring, putting the championship challenger through the commentary table! Moore would be taken out of Bodyslam Central on a stretcher as ‘The Golden Boy’ would make a challenge to Vice for the title, which the champion would accept.

After considering walking away from wrestling after losing to Chris Vice in an EPW Championship Match at the Great Aussie Bash, Alex ‘AK-47′ was issued a challenge by the head of EPW’s Board of Directors, Tyler Jacobs. Kingston would have to pass ‘The Gauntlet of Greatness’ and take on several of EPW’s best from its past and present to prove how much he desires to be a future EPW Champion. First up was former 4 time EPW Champion and one half of the current EPW Tag Team Champions TMDK, Marcius Pitt.

In a match pitting brute strength against athleticism, Kingston’s speed would frustrate Pitt early before the equal record holding former champion would seem to have AK-47 down and out, with a multiple series of suplexes. With both men exhausted, having given their all, the end of the match would come following a top rope chop battle. Kingston would gain the advantage with knocking Pitt of the ropes with a series of forearm shots.

With Pitt down, Kingston would hit his patented frog splash for the win. Both men would show respect to each other following the hard fought contest. A huge win for Kingston, and the first one down in ‘The Gauntlet of Greatness’. Who will the head of the Board of Director’s have lined up for Kingston at Collision Course?

Following the bout the Solution’s Richter and the Warship, not done for the night,  would attack Pitt, with Richter crushing Pitt’s leg in a chair. Kingston would return to run the Solution off and assist a injured Pitt to the back. We are yet to hear how bad the injury suffered by Pitt is, but one thing is for sure the Solution will now be in his sights.

The odds were certainly stacked against the longest reigning Hardcore Champion in EPW history as ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone had to defend the title against 19 other men in a Hardcore Battle Royal. The match would see debuting talent, rookies and even the return of an EPW Original (Anda Nothica) enter Bodyslam Central with a weapon of their choice and the possibility of becoming a champion on their minds. Once the weapons had been placed in the middle of the ring… the match would begin.

In the ensuing mayhem and violence, the eliminations lead to the final 4 men in the ring. Gavin McGavin, Hughesy, Jay Taylor and Warship were all looking to become the new Hardcore Champion. With ‘The Man From the Local’ eliminating Warship, ‘The Don’ would outsmart everyone as he reappeared from nowhere to eliminate the lovable larrikin.

Morleone and his manager ‘The Mind’ Lukey Bolland celebrated with a champagne shower, as Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” played with Bolland singing the words to his champion as the 500+ day reign continues.

And now it was time for the main event. After taking out the original challenger ‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore earlier in the night, ‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater was confident he would take the belt back to South Australia and another championship to his already impressive resume’.

The biggest threat to Vice’s championship reign since ‘The Smashing Machine’ won the title at November’s Re-Awakening XII, Slater would push the champion to his very limits. Slater’s dreams of becoming EPW Champion would come crashing to reality when Vice would slip out of an attempted Slatality to roll the South Australian up for the three count!

With ‘The Smashing Machine’ continuing his domination of EPW, ‘The Golden Boy’ was left in the ring lamenting his loss when Dan Moore appeared! Thought to have been in hospital following Slater’s earlier attack, the furious Moore would attack Slater and the two would end up brawling throughout Bodyslam Central. They were separated by EPW crew members just as Moore was about to put the South Australian through a table, returning the favour for earlier in the night.

Wild-eyed and in an absolute rage, Moore would TKO one of the crew through the table as Slater taunted him from the entrance way. Will we see Moore and Slater clash later in 2014?

Quick Results 

McMassive (Gavin McGavin & ‘Mad’ Mike Massive) defeated The Dropkicks (Leo Pratt & ‘The Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan)

‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater defeated ‘The Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor

The Solution (Richter & Warship) defeated Team Red Can (Coach Banks & Hughesy)

‘The Behemoth’ Sebastian Sander (w/ Amber) defeated ‘The Bolly Boy’ Eddy Bombay

‘Gorgeous’ Garry Schmidt (w/ his Image Consultant) defeated ‘The Rising Star’ Hayden Zenith

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston defeated Marcius Pitt

‘The Don’ Micheal Morleone (w/ ‘The Mind’ Lukey Bolland) last eliminated Hughesy to win the 20 man hardcore battle royal and retain the EPW Hardcore Championship. Other competitors included Anda Nothica, Bodhi McKenzie, Eddy Bombay, Elliot Forbes, Gavin McGavin, Gorgeous Garry, Hayden Zenith, Jarrad Slate, Jay Taylor, John Dozer, Koala Mask, Leo Pratt, Liam Mendel, Mike Massive, Sam Fantastic, Scotty Ryan, Troy and The Warship

‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice defeated ‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater to retain the EPW Championship

EPW returns to Bodyslam Central on April 26th with its next big event Collision Course. Stay tuned for more details. Before then, join us at the Malaga Markets on March 22nd for 3 fun filled sessions of FREE wrestling action. Sessions will take place in the food court at 11:30 am, 1 pm and 2:30 pm!