The Don vs Hayden Zenith


‘The Don’ Michael Morleone and Hayden Zenith were on opposing teams in a six man tag action at Goldrush with Team Don coming out on top of Team Moore and are now set to clash in a singles contest at Collision Course on April 11th.

Morleone had attempted to recruit Zenith for Team Don, but the former Rising Star Cup holder knocked back the Don’s offer to join Dan Moore’s team. The former Hardcore Champion is a man who does not take to kindly to those who refuse his offers and will be looking to make an example of Zenith for doing so.

Will the Don make Zenith pay the price for his refusal to join him at Goldrush or will the high flyer be able to soar to victory? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean on April 11th. Tickets are available now through or by calling 0409 373 937.


The Solution vs Slate/Moore


Tag Team action is set for Collision Course on April 11th as the Solution’s ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm and the Warship are set to collide with the new team of ‘The Nice Guy’ Dan Moore and the ‘Legion of One’ Jarrad Slate.

The Solution, who are on a crusade to bring EPW to its knees, have recently strengthened their ranks with the addition of Amity Row. The dangerous faction are unified once more in Tag Team Battle after competing in singles bouts at Goldrush and a focused Solution present a huge threat.

Former two time Tag Team Champion and 2013 Invitational Tournament winner, Moore and the Legion of One first teamed up at Goldrush in a six man contest. Although coming out on the losing end to Team Don, the pair are set to step up and represent EPW against the Solution’s so-called purification of the company.

Will the Solution’s darkness descend further over EPW or can Moore and Slate set their plans back? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) in Bassendean on April 11th. Tickets are availble now through or by calling 0409 373 937.


Women set to make their mark in EPW


For the past year and a half EPW have been developing a Women’s division at the Dynamite Factory training facility. On April 11th the first of the graduates will make their debuts at Collision Course.

Allyson Cruz and Blair Brady were introduced to the fans at Bodyslam Central by Dean Olsen before ‘The Messiah’ Davis Storm interrupted proceedings. The two ladies would not take Storm’s verbal abuse and left the Messiah in no doubt of what they thought of him.

With Storm down, his fellow solution members Warship, and newcomer Amity Row made their way to the ring to run Cruz and Brady off. Trained by the Solution, Row has been added to the historic match-up. 12 years after the ‘First Lady of EPW’ Michelle K. Hasluck broke down the barriers and paved the way, women’s wrestling is set to make an impact in Explosive Pro Wrestling.

Who will be the one to make history in the first match of EPW’s Women’s division? Find out when EPW presents Collision Course at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) on April 11th. Keep an eye on for more updates.


EPW Championship Match: Kingston vs Slater


They first clashed for the title at Hot Summers Night back in January, but due to the all out brawl between McMassive and the Headhunters spilling into the ring during the contest, the bout would be cut short. Now on April 11th at Collision Course, EPW Champion Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston and ‘The Golden Boy’ Damian Slater will battle it out once more for the biggest prize in Explosive Pro Wrestling.

Both men are coming off big wins at Goldrush with Kingston successfully defending the title against former 2 time champion Bobby Marshall, while Slater’s open challenge was accepted by another former champion and a man who was no stranger to the Golden Boy, ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice. Although victorious, Slater would be humiliated by Vice and would be pinned by a young boy in the fallout.

Over the past year and a bit, Kingston has been in career best form, topping it off with his championship victory at ReAwakening XIII. Slater has achieved a tremendous amount of success in his career so far, but yet the EPW Championship has eluded him.

Will Kingston continue his reign as the man in EPW or will the sting of humiliation from Goldrush be the thing that provide the edge that Slater needed to take the gold? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Collision Course at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre) on April 11th. Keep an eye on for more information.


EPW Goldrush Quick Results


Last night, EPW returned to Bodyslam Central for the first time in 2015 with an absolute cracker of event. Here are the quick results …

Marcius Pitt defeated Davis Storm

Damian Slater put out an open challenge which was answered by a young boy named Hayden, before Slater’s real challenge in the form of Chris Vice made his presence known.

Damian Slater defeated ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice. The Smashing Machine would get some form of payback on Slater following the loss which lead to …

Hayden def. Damian Slater

‘The Don’ Michael Morleone, Jay Taylor & ‘Outlaw’ Billy Williams def. Dan Moore, Hayden Zenith & Jarrad Slate

‘The Real Life Risky Business’ Leo Pratt def. ‘Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan. The former friends seemed to makeup following the contest before Ryan once again turned on Pratt, who would be taken backstage by medical staff.

The post intermission raffle draw would see Sam Fantastic join Dean Olsen and ring announcer Jones Goode. After the winner was announced Bobby Marshall entered Bodyslam Central with bad intentions. The returning Marshall would leave Fantastic and Goode laid out before turning his attention to Olsen who wisely left the ring in time as the EPW Champion appeared.

Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston def. Bobby Marshall (w/Brett Corvus) to retain the EPW Championship

The Warship (w/Davis Storm) def. Byron McKenzie (w/Bodhi McKenzie)

The future of EPW’s Women’s division was unveiled as Dean Olsen introduced the latest graduates from the Dynamite Factory, Blair Brady and Allyson Cruz,  announcing the two ladies would be debuting at next month’s event Collision Course. Davis Storm who had been standing at the entrance would make his way to the ring and proclaim that the Solution had been training their own female for the division. Brady and Cruz would leave Storm in no doubt of their thoughts on the Solution and with the Messiah down, the Warship and the un-named female would make their way ringside leaving the two newcomers to make a hasty exit.

McMassive def. The Headhunters to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions. The match would be restarted by referee Giles O’Brien after Devlin Reeves pinned McGavin for the apparent victory after a low blow and belt shot while match official Matt Smarkson was out cold. With their career as a team on the line, Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive’s dreams of becoming champions were finally a reality after a hitting the McMassacre on Tyler Jacobs.

EPW returns to Bodyslam Central with Collision Course on April 11th. Keep an eye on for more details.


Marcius Pitt vs Davis Storm


Just when you thought the card for Goldrush could not be stacked any more than it already was, another huge match up has been signed for March 7th. Two of the most decorated competitors and members of the most dominant factions in EPW history are set to clash at the home of Explosive Pro Wrestling, Bodyslam Central.

TMDK’s Marcius Pitt versus The Solution’s Davis Storm is a match that could headline any event in the country. The competitors are currently tied as record holders for most EPW Championship reigns with four a piece.

The People’s Hero and The Messiah come into this contest with two very different goals. Pitt is a locker room leader and proudly believes in everything EPW has accomplished and stands for, while Storm and Solution colleagues Richter and The Warship, seeks to destroy and bring down the very company he helped create from the ground up.

This is set to be an epic contest and a key battle in the future of Explosive Pro Wrestling.

Will the People’s Hero be able to stand strong in the face of the Solution or will Storm and co create the first cracks in the foundation of EPW? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Goldrush at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre in Bassendean on March 7th. Tickets on sale now!!!


Team Don vs Team Dan


The teams for the 6 man tag match have now been set for Goldrush.

The man with the longest championship reign in EPW history, ‘The Don’ Micheal Morleone, will lead a team consisting of ‘The Prince of Perth’ Jay Taylor and newcomer ‘Outlaw’ Billy Williams against the returning ‘Nice Guy’ of EPW, Dan Moore’s team of 2014 Invitational Tournament finalist Hayden Zenith and ‘The Legion of One’ Jarrad Slate.

Which captain will lead his team to victory? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Goldrush at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre in Bassendean on March 7th.Tickets on sale now.




With EPW returning to its home at Bodyslam Central (Cyril Jackson Rec Centre), Goldrush is shaping up to be an event not to be missed. With not one, not two, but THREE main event matches headlining a stacked card.

Explosive Pro Wrestling’s major prize, the EPW Championship is on the line as Alex ‘AK-47′ Kingston defends the title against one of the most formidable competitors in the history of EPW, the returning former 2 time title holder Bobby Marshall. Lead by Brett Corvus, Marshall is on a path of destruction and the new champion has found himself in the line of fire. Over the past year, Kingston has been in career best form and will provide a fight that Marshall may not expect.

The EPW Tag Team Titles will also be on the line as McMassive accepted the Headhunters terms for one more shot at tag team glory. Fed up with the way Tyler Jacobs have spat on the brand new titles and the divisions legacy, Gavin McGavin & Mike Massive will put 2 and a half years of hard work on the line. If McMassive lose they will disband and one of the most popular Tag Teams in recent history will be no more. Will the Headhunters’ mind games have the desired effect or will it be just what McMassive needed to help them reach their dream?

Last but not least, the third of the main event matches will see the Dropkicks Collide as former tag team partners Leo Pratt and Scotty Ryan go head-to-head in a No DQ bout. After tempers boiled over at Hot Summers Night and a brawl erupted at the Game Sports Bar. With the Real Life Risky Business and the Big Rig set to be unleashed on each other, will this issue be settled inside the confines of Bodyslam Central?

Will titles change hands, dreams be crushed and friendships destroyed beyond repair? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Goldrush at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre in Bassendean on March 7th. Tickets on sale now!!!


The Warship vs Byron McKenzie


Earlier this month, The Solution sent an ominous video message to Explosive Pro Wrestling. Claiming that EPW is drowning and playing a very dangerous game with the trio.

In 2015 the Solution intends to bring EPW to its knees. The first step of the factions purification of the company begins at Goldrush. After being noticeably absent at Hot Summer’s Night, The Warship is set to return to action against one half of the high flying McKenzie Brothers, Byron.

A united and committed Solution can only mean trouble for EPW and Byron McKenzie.

Will Byron be able to stand up against the Solution or will he be the first victim of their purification? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Goldrush at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre in Bassendean on March 7th. Tickets on sale now!!!


Tag Team Title Match: Headhunters vs McMassive


Since making their return to Explosive Pro Wrestling in the first half of 2014,Tyler Jacobs and Devlin Reeves have targeted the team of McMassive on several occasions costing them the EPW Tag Team Titles. After disrespecting the belts and the legacy of the previous holders of the titles at Hot Summers Night, Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive have had enough.

Spitting on the belts was against everything McMassive stand for and believing that the Headhunters are not worthy of holding the coveted gold, McGavin and Massive have challenged Reeves and Jacobs to prove they deserve the titles they won at ReAwakening XIII. Jacobs, a record equalling 4 time Tag Team Champion, and Reeves have accepted … with one stipulation.

For the opportunity of one more shot at the gold, if McMassive lose they will have to split up. With their dream to become tag team champions, it is a challenge that the Shootfighter and the Moving Man Mountain had to accept. Is this the last we will see of one of the most successful tag team combinations in recent history?

Will the Headhunters bring about the end of one of EPW’s most popular tandems or can McMassive finally get their hands on the gold they have wanted for so long? Find out when Explosive Pro Wrestling presents Goldrush at the Cyril Jackson Rec Centre in Bassendean on March 7th. Tickets on sale now!!!